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California ETP Funding

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About the ETP

ETP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

California ETP: Helping companies achieve their high-performance goals through company-wide training and corporate performance management.
California ETP Funding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will my company be accepted into the ETP program?

Our success record for obtaining ETP funding is 100%!

By interviewing your management team and performing a Training Needs Assessment with your department leaders and employees, we will develop a proposal that will meet your needs while complying with all ETP regulations.

How can Expert Resource/CalTraining help administrate the ETP program?

We developed our "Total Control" proprietary administrative software to give you control over your project while relieving you of the day-to-day burden of recording every trainee in every class for the entire project.

We perform all data entry for you and generates reports for tracking each of your trainees. "Total Control"-generated reports show "red flags" to ensure that all trainees are on track with their scheduled training.

We prepare all billing and invoicing forms so they are ready for your signature. All invoices are audited by our expert staff for accuracy and completeness to ensure quick turnaround by the State, which helps you maintain a steady cash flow.

How will our company handle all the paperwork?

We do all of your data entry for you. Our administration system ensures that you will be reimbursed for all of your qualified trainees. Your time will be spent keeping your company profitable, while we do the clerical work needed to make your project successful.

Expert Resource's Approach


  • Money-back development guarantee
  • Comprehensive administration service
  • Unbiased Training Needs Assessments
  • Government representation
  • Most of our competitors hold the ETP contract themselves, which means that THEY keep any remaining funding after external trainers have been paid. With our approach, YOUR COMPANY will keep any remaining funding to minimize your internal costs.

Click here for more information about our ETP Funding program development and administration services.

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