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California ETP Funding

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California ETP: Helping companies achieve their high-performance goals through company-wide training and corporate performance management.
California ETP Funding for Training

Step by Step

Expert Resource provides comprehensive step-by-step assistance to help your company develop, secure and administrate a California ETP funding program. Our average client will receive $1,000 per employee, although the range depends on your exact needs. It is possible for some employees to have as little as 24 hours over a 2-year period. The maximum is 200 hours over the same two years.

Most California companies qualify for the program, although the regulations do change frequently. It would be too difficult to list all of the qualification regulations here. If you would like to know if your company qualifies, contact us free of charge for a preliminary assessment.

Our Approach

  • Money-back development guarantee
  • Comprehensive administration service
  • Unbiased Training Needs Assessments
  • Government representation
  • Most of our competitors hold the ETP contract themselves, which means that THEY keep any remaining funding after external trainers have been paid. With our approach, YOUR COMPANY will keep any remaining funding to minimize your internal costs.

Training Needs Analysis

Our company has the expertise to develop a complete Training Needs Analysis in any industry. The report may vary in scope or depth, depending on your requirements. Typically, each company department is interviewed through a facilitated meeting. We will identify what training and procedures are in place and what training needs to be conducted to improve performance.

Whenever available, we will identify internal staff trainers such as company supervisors to facilitate company-specific training. We can also recommend a cadre of world-class training companies in a variety of subjects. We specialize in the conversion and integration of the Training Needs Analysis into an ETP program.

Read the ETP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

ETP Funding Program Development

Our company is dedicated to developing and administering employee training contracts for companies who wish to obtain funding from the State of California Employment Training Panel (ETP).

With our format, each trainee’s curriculum can be customized to the exact needs of the company. We use a format that allows for maximum flexibility, allowing your curriculum to change over time. We will integrate a Training Needs Analysis into the grant curriculum and complete all phases of the ETP contract development.

In addition, we will represent your interests as your advocate and will closely monitor ETP regulations and trends to keep your company up-to-date on current rules and training opportunities. We guarantee that your grant will pass the ETP approval process with a money-back guarantee. Using our approach, your company is choosing a valuable learning curve and efficiency to minimize your risk and requirements on internal resources. Since 1986, our executives have provided 100% success with large and small companies of various industries receiving ETP funding.

ETP Funding Program Administration

The access to an experienced and successful consulting firm to assist in the ever changing regulations, trends, tracking, administration and bureaucracy often makes the difference between success and failure. We offer 100% success by administrating your ETP funding program for you.

Utilizing our “Total Control” proprietary administrative software, we do all of the data entry, tracking, reporting and invoicing. At any time, we can produce a detailed status report of your ongoing training program. All invoices are audited by our expert staff for accuracy to ensure quick turnaround by the State, which helps you maintain a steady cash flow throughout your training project. Our administrative fee is based on a percentage of reimbursement funds. Since our fee is received only after your reimbursement funds are made by the State, our success is directly tied to the success of your ETP program.

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